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Zeppelin Aero Works

Zeppelin Aero Works Strausberg STX Complete Skateboard (with 80a Love Handles)

Zeppelin Aero Works Strausberg STX Complete Skateboard (with 80a Love Handles)

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The Strausberg STX is our little "Polarizer Plus" surf-skate. Inspired by 1960's-style sidewalk surfing, it's a little bit bigger and a little more sensibly contoured than a traditional polarizer, making it a lot more stable and comfortable for the bigfoots and the adults of the world. We've also dispensed with that annoying, drooping nose and tail, replacing them with a straight-through, rockered concave that, when flipped over, becomes a bi-directional camber; in both cases, the nose and tail are fairly flat, giving a little bit of extra functionality. Set up in concave mode, this board can be comfortably taken into transitions and ditches; set up convex, it becomes a snappy and responsive carving machine. This board also works (and works remarkably well) as an entry-level slalom deck. Special Introductory Edition deck, only 50 made.

The complete comes with Bennett 4.3 trucks, clear griptape, 1" mounting hardware, bearings, and 65mm/80a Orangatang Love Handles wheels.

The list price for this setup would normally be $213.00, but we're offering the complete at a 10% discount for a final price of $192.00


Width: 8.25"
Length: 31.25"
Nose: 3.375"
Tail: 4.50"
Wheelbase: 19.00"

Concave: A gently rockered, straight-through concave that, when flipped upside down, becomes a biaxial camber. Board is printed on both sides, top and bottom, and can be ridden either way.
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