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Zeppelin Aero Works Cody Bellgardt RS/9 "Pawg Dawg" Model

Zeppelin Aero Works Cody Bellgardt RS/9 "Pawg Dawg" Model

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The Cody Bellgardt RS/9 "Pawg Dawg" model was inspired by the Santa Cruz Tom Knox model (circa 1991, with the Minor Threat-inspired graphics), then cleaned up and rounded out a smidge to better perform modern trickery with. Old school, new school, street, banks, mini ramps, vert, bowls... every kind of transition imaginable... this board excels anywhere and everywhere you can think of skating it. Featuring a fully symmetrical concave with a medium-deep rocker and a slight tri tail (and nose), this concave gives you positive foot lock in bigger terrains while still being gentle enough for flipping and spinning it around; the slightly spooned nose and tail cut down on the drag of nose and tail slides while also enhancing toe-to-heel response on all kinds of grinds. Designed around 9" trucks and modern centerset wheels of any size from 45mm to 60mm.


Width: 9.125"
Length: 32.5"
Nose:6.5”/7” (double drilled)
Tail: 6.75"
Wheelbase: 15.125”/14.625"

Concave: Rockered twinkick with tri-tail

Recommended Setup:

Any truck in the 9” range and centerset wheels in the 45mm to 60mm range; riser pads are recommended for any wheel over 54mm.

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