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Zeppelin Aero Works Duke AT/9

Zeppelin Aero Works Duke AT/9

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The Duke AT/9 was basically designed for Kevin Dukes Westfall to be a trick-learning machine. Kevin is an average, everyday skater that loves to ride anything and everything in his path: flatland/freestyle, streets, skateparks, ramps, ditches... you name it, he'll skate it. So this board had to be extremely versatile and functional all the way around, while also working for all kinds of skaters.

Designed around Independent 169's (or similarly sized trucks) and Speedlab wheels (Kevin rides 60mm Time Flies or Cruisers), this board features a completely symmetrical, balanced shape (and concave) and functional cutouts around the template that make tricks easier to land and master. Obviously, the cutouts are great for various grabs; the nose and tail end cutouts allow for a flat nose and tail surface for freestyle trickery; the cutouts on the sides of the nose and tail allow your toes and heel to sink into Smith and feeble grinds, and allow for a catch-free flick on flip tricks; the flat sides are great for Coconut wheelies and Primo slides; and the generous width allows for stable, confident landings for everything. While the Andy Anderson model might be really great for the way Andy skates, this board will be great for The Everyday Skater. The first day Kevin tested it, it completely transformed his skating; his consistency went through the roof. Made in America by true craftsmen at a woodshop with nearly 50 years of experience in pressing quality wood. Special Introductory Edition deck, only 50 made. Dimensions are as follows:


Width: 9.375"
Length: 33.4"
Nose: 6.75"
Tail: 6.75"
Wheelbase: 15.50"

Concave: Rockered twinkick with tri-tail

Recommended setup:

This deck was designed around Independent 169s, 60mm Speedlab wheels, and 1/2" riser pads, but the team guys run all sorts of wheel sizes, with and without risers. Can also run Ace 66s, Thunder 161s, or any truck in the 9.125" to 9.35" range.

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