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Zeppelin Aero Works Wentzle Ruml IV M/10 "Da Crooner"

Zeppelin Aero Works Wentzle Ruml IV M/10 "Da Crooner"

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The Wentzle Ruml IV M/10 (M/10= Mellow concave, 10” width range) is the direct result of Wentzle’s demanding specifications. As an OG Z-Boy with decades of skate experience under his belt, he knows exactly what he wants, and we made sure that he got it. A long, wide deck with a mellow, barely perceptible concave (per Wentzle’s specs), this board is a cross between an early ‘80s concave, and a stretched out, late ‘80s shape. Put harder wheels on it for the parks or softies on it for the ditches and the sidewalks, and ride the same exact setup that Wentzle rides.

We've been recently advised by some of our customers that the long wheelbase on this deck also lends itself exceedingly well to surfskate applications. (Those are the sorts of things you learn when you let your customers participate in research and development programs!)


Length: 34"
Width: 10"
Nose: 4" and 5" (double drilled and double wheelwelled)
Tail: 7"
Wheelbase: 17.75" and 18.75"

Concave: Early '80s style mellow linear concave

Recommended setup:

Any truck in the 9” range if using Zeppelin Helium SR wheels (overall width of the truck/wheel combo will be 10”), or 10” range if using centerset wheels

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